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Read e-book online Philodemus on Frank Criticism (Περὶ παρρησίας) PDF

By Philodemus; Introduction, Translation, and Notes by David Konstan, Diskin Clay, Clarence E. Glad, Johan Carl Thom, James Ware

ISBN-10: 0788504347

ISBN-13: 9780788504341

ISBN-10: 1589832922

ISBN-13: 9781589832923

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And furthermore... 54 5 4 See Asmis, "Philodemus' Epicureanism," 2395 n. 60: "It is not clear whether Philodemus (or Zeno) endorses this view. I f so, he values the intimacy of friendship more than the security that results from i t . " Philodemus On Frank 46 KaTcxpx&fiEdol Fr. 29 TTOV eic CIV 5 Criticism cr)[fiE]pdp mi ct[v]rdc r[i$&(i]8v EKE[L]POV TT)P [CUCO]T)- o m[i] TUP KO)[fxo) < i > 8]oyp[d(f>a)P EfiLixri[c]avT6 TLVEC ayoc[y]6pTEC wpec($vT[ac] fi[r) E'LCf mXibc fi£P caroB[rq] < i > rac, ovc yqpdc[KOPTac.

60. Their annoyance (so Gigante, "Interpretazione," 64 n. 61), or perhaps the fact of being dressed as philosophers. , wearing a philosopher's dress); cf. De Witt, "Organization and Procedure," 209. 's restoration is hesitantly accepted by Gigante ("Interpretazione," 64). The disegni reading suggests iiuarov, "a layman"; in this case, the reference is to students who adopt a philosopher's dress and therefore refuse to listen to what a non-philosopher may say to them. 5 6 5 7 5 8 5 9 6 0 Philodemus On Frank Criticism 48 τΐωα [κοίθηγη]τοϋ κατ εΰνοιαν άκ[ουειν τολίμώαιν.

ODn x]a\eir6»/ O. 10 Kuihvovciv Ph. KuXucoctf O. Fr. 35 fi[a\iCTa 8E PO[V]9ETELP, ^r}rrj]co(iEP EL mi (xr) not cocp&L mi TQI (p[iX]oc668L- EVPOLOCP 8[L]CX9ECIP CIP cm - vpbc svcpopav 8E] TTJP ips[y]m POV9ET7]p 9b]p mi irpoc(b[opop TTJc ibiac K[aT]6cpx£c9ca Fr.

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Philodemus on Frank Criticism (Περὶ παρρησίας) by Philodemus; Introduction, Translation, and Notes by David Konstan, Diskin Clay, Clarence E. Glad, Johan Carl Thom, James Ware

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