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By Juan Pedro Ochoa-Ricoux

ISBN-10: 1441979484

ISBN-13: 9781441979483

A look for Muon Neutrino to Electron Neutrino Oscillations within the MINOS Experiment is a tour de force that summarizes, essentially and in a few intensity, a lot of Ochoa’s big physique of labor which has had a tremendous effect on MINOS. the center-piece of the thesis is the quest for muon neutrino to electron neutrino oscillations, which might point out a non-zero blending perspective among the 1st and 3rd neutrino generations (θ13), at present the “holy grail” of neutrino physics. The optimum extraction of the electron neutrino oscillation sign is predicated at the novel “library occasion matching” (LEM) approach which Ochoa constructed and carried out including colleagues at Caltech and at Cambridge, which improves MINOS’ succeed in for constructing an oscillation sign over the other procedure. LEM will now be the root for MINOS’ outcome, and should most probably hold MINOS on the leading edge of this box till it completes its facts taking in 2011. Ochoa and his colleagues additionally built the winning plan to run MINOS with a beam tuned for antineutrinos, to make a delicate try of CPT symmetry by means of evaluating the inter-generational mass splitting for neutrinos and antineutrinos. Ochoa’s in-depth, artistic method of the answer of a number of complicated experimental difficulties is an exceptional instance for graduate scholars and longtime practitioners of experimental physics alike. the most fascinating leads to this box to emerge within the close to destiny may well locate their foundations during this thesis, for which Ochoa used to be presented the nationwide Prize for formative years of Mexico in 2009.

This Doctoral Thesis has been permitted by means of California Institute of expertise, Pasadena, USA.

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The parabolic-shaped inner conductors in the horns allow them to act as a focusing lens, where the focal length for point-to-parallel focusing is proportional to the particle’s momentum. In their standard configuration, the horns focus positively charged particles and defocus negatively charged ones. It is possible to invert this situation by reversing the current in the horns, as described in Sect. 3. In that case a beam composed mostly of muon antineutrinos is obtained. 1 The length of the decay pipe corresponds approximately to one decay length of a 10 GeV pion, thus providing most of the low-energy pions and kaons with enough time to decay.

1 General Case The underlying principle responsible for neutrino oscillations is that the neutrino weak eigenstates do not correspond exactly to the neutrino mass eigenstates, but rather are mixtures of each other: jma i ¼ N X Uaià jmi i; ð2:39Þ i¼1 where U is a N  N unitary matrix known as the Pontecorvo–Maki–Nakagawa– Sakata (PMNS) mixing matrix, in honor of the pioneering contributions of these physicists to neutrino mixing and oscillations [48, 49]. In the Standard Model, N ¼ 3. The weak (flavor) eigenstates, denoted by jma i in the previous equation, are the familiar me ; ml and ms .

Am. Phys. Soc. 4, 217 (1959) 11. J. M. Mahmoud, The universal Fermi interaction, Phys. Rev. 92, 1045–1049 (1953) 12. G. , Observation of high-energy neutrino reactions and the existence of two kinds of neutrinos, Phys. Rev. Lett. 9(1), 36–44 (1962) The Double CHOOZ experiment can only go down to sin2 2h13 $ 0:03, although it will be the first of the four experiments to come online. 13 References 35 13. L. , Evidence for anomalous lepton production in e þ ÀeÀ annihilation, Phys. Rev. Lett. 35(22), 1489–1492 (1975) 14.

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A Search for Muon Neutrino to Electron Neutrino Oscillations in the MINOS Experiment by Juan Pedro Ochoa-Ricoux

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